Tips for Preparing Piano for Relocation – Gold Removals

Tips for Preparing Piano for Relocation – Gold Removals

A piano is a great addition to a house. Piano helps us to enjoy amazing music at our home. However, when the time comes to shift to a new place or home, it becomes a point of worry. The piano is a delicate piece of furniture. Therefore, moving it is a challenging task. Therefore, taking the help of furniture removal Brisbane to Melbourne becomes essential for piano relocation. 

How to Prepare the Piano for a Long-Distance Move?

Before you hire house movers in Perth, it is essential to prepare the piano for the long-distance movement. This preparation would help you in protecting your piano from the damage.  Here are the tips that you can follow:

  • Easy Accessibility

Before the budget removalists in Brisbane reach your place, you need to ensure that the piano is accessible. If anything is placed around or on your piano that can make the piano removal difficult. Be it books, picture frames, or any other decorative piece, you need to remove them right away. It would help the movers in making the piano removal process easier. 

  • Wrapping of Piano

It is an essential step in moving a piano. For wrapping the piano, you can use the padding or blankets. You can secure the corners of the piano with packing tape. Ensure that the padding/blankets are thick enough to protect the piano from bumps. If you are unable to pack the piano, you can ask for furniture removal Brisbane to Melbourne to do this job.

  • Guard the Keyboard Lid

The keys of the piano are fragile that makes it is essential to protect them. Locking the keyboard lid would help you to prevent it from opening. In case the lid does not lock, you can close the lid while wrapping the piano. To close the lid, do not use the tape as it could damage the wooden surface of the piano.  

  • Clear Out the Moving Path

After packing the piano, another major factor is the clear route. It is essential for you to keep the way clear before the cheap movers in Brisbane reach your place for removal. For the movement of the piano, the removalists consider numerous factors such as stairs, level as well as turns. Apart from these, rugs and other furniture items also play an essential role. They might hinder or block the way of the piano.

If you have children and pets at home, try to keep them in a separate room or ensure that they don’t come in the way of piano removals Melbourne. Little ignorance can cause injury to the pet, children or movers and damage to the piano as well. 

  • Moving Piano in the Truck

House movers in Perth suggests the use of the right techniques and supplies for preparing and   moving the piano like:

  • Using the piano mover straps for securing the piano
  • Padding to protect the body and finish of the piano
  • Using planks and dollies to ease the weight as well as pressure

In case, you are unable to do all this, hiring cheap removals in Brisbane is an ideal solution.  To hire piano removals in Melbourne, Golden Removals is the right place. At Gold Removals, we have a team of dedicated and experienced removalists. Be it full concert piano, baby grand or an upright piano, our experts would collect it and transport it safely to the desired location. Our team uses the specialised equipment to lift the piano carefully and carry it to the vehicle. Based on your nearest location, you can also hire the budget removalists in Brisbane for moving the piano.