Things to Do Before the Piano Removalists Come

Things to Do Before the Piano Removalists Come

All of us know that moving a piano is a tough task. A conventional piano is large, oddly built and heavy. However, you can overcome this by calling in a removalist who can do this task on your behalf. Since the cost of moving pianos varies from company to company, you must make sure that you’re dealing with affordable removalists in Brisbane. Also, if you’re moving more than one piano – grand, baby, or upright, find out the difference in cost. 

Once you find an expert for Piano Removals Brisbane, you’ll need to do a few preparations before their arrival.

Here’s the list;

Take Away All the Decorative Items from the Piano

The top of the piano is where people show off family photos, curios and house plants. But these will need to be removed before the removalists come home.

Examine the Piano for Scratches 

Of course, for piano removals on Brisbane, you will hire a specialist who will take the best care of your piano. However, you still need to be sure you’re not sending it out with any scratches or any other signs of damage. It’s a good idea to take photos of the piano from various angles so that you have a better insurance claim.  

Move all Furniture Out of the Way

By moving all furniture out of the way, you make the piano removals in Brisbane easier. The removalist can take the instrument out of your house and into the removal van in a hassle-free manner. This will make the job of the affordable removalists in Brisbane professionals faster and smoother. If you have wooden flooring, buy plastic mats over which the piano can be rolled over so that it moves out faster. 

Lock the Piano

Before the affordable removalists in Brisbane can take the piano away, you should lock the keyboard. Also, lock the top so that nothing pops out from there. In case you are unable to lock the same, use a strap to fasten it tightly. 

Gather Things That You Need to Move the Piano

To move a piano, you’re going to need some specific materials. The removalist can take care of the material, but you can help them in case they need anything extra. For instance, if you need to move either an upright or a grand piano, you need to secure it with several blankets. This will prevent it from scratches during the moving process. Use the blankets and tape to cover the piano and keep it secure. 

Locate the Right-Sized Piano Board

Again, the size and form of a piano demands the use of extra blankets and at times towels too. You will also need to use the right size of a piano board or piano skid board to move it. The removalist can use the straps and a screwdriver to keep your piano in place on the board. 

Transporting your piano does need some time and consideration without which it cannot be sent to its destination safely. As a piano owner, you must make sure that you do everything you can to make its passage out of your home safe and scratch-free.